Jejomar Binay Is The New Vice President Of The Philippines

(Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay will be proclaimed the Vice President of the Philippine Republic tomorrow, June 9, 2010 )

An interesting (highly interesting, I might add) article was posted in about an analysis on Mayor Jejomar Binay’s surprise win in this year’s vice presidential elections.

A number of factors where considered;

1. The generosity of Binay’s Makati (With a billion – peso budget, the city where I live can really afford to be generous to other cities 🙂 And since I lived here, you have to forgive me for being too biased in favor of  him. )

2. Him being a local official hence garnering the suport of fellow local mayors.

3. Being Estrada’s running mate

4.  Senator Chiz Escudero’s endorsement

5. Being the Chief of the Boy Scout of the Philippines (see the picture below)

6. The likelihood that Teodoro and Villar’s supporters actually having him as their vice president, not to mention those who campaigned for a Noynoy- Binay tandem.

(Mayor Jejomar C. Binay, national president of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines, gives last minute instructions to the 300 scouts and scouters from Makati who will participate in the 2nd Council Summer Camp 2003 at Mt. Makiling in Los Banos, Laguna.)

Indeed the vice-presidential race between Senator Roxas and Mayor Binay has become the most interesting aspect of the 2010 Philippine Elections, as every vote was needed to be counted in order to proclaim the winner. But with only around 300 000 votes left to be counted for, and Binay having a 600 000 lead against the Senator, even if the whole of the unaccounted votes goes to Senator Roxas, it will not be enought for him to win.

Goodbye Senator Mar 🙂

Congratulations Mayor Binay. May you serve the Philippines in the way that you have served our city for a number of years.


(pics are from the Makati City’s website and )

4 thoughts on “Jejomar Binay Is The New Vice President Of The Philippines”

  1. gud am mr. vice president. actually this msgs is not a comment. i am begging for your help for the work of my husaband. my husband had been working for 5 years as contractual worker in PHILIPPINE PHOSPHATE FERTILIZER INC. and at the same his father was also a regular employee for 25 years of the same company and now comes the retirement of his father. we want that my husband would replace the position of his father as regulat employee. my husband had filed already his application in the personnels office 2 months ago but until we did not receive any call or notice from them. its hurting for us that they keep on hiring for regular employee that are not dependent. my husbands name is mr. absylone dakanay son of the retired employee danilo dakanay. we would like ask a recommendation letter from your office. thank you very much and god bless..

  2. gud day mr vice president. i am waiting and hoping for your reply on the msgs i’ve sent before.. thank you ang god bless..

    1. Good Day Ma’am,

      Sorry, it just so happens that I blogged something about the vice president. But this blog has no connection with Vice President Binay and his office. My apologies >_< . Please go to the official website of the vice president's office at , or at his official website at Thanks

  3. Good Moning MR, Vice President,

    Were very proud as a Filipino that we have a Vice President of the Philippines as Honorable as Vice President Jejomar Binay. I’m Mrs.Rose TIBI, I came to your office after my husband burial( Publio TIBI JR.)
    I know that my husband are very happy right now and the TIBI family that we have a Vice President of the Philippines as like you. When I comeback to Philippines this coming year, Im hoping that I will meet you again MR.Vive President, in behalf of my late husband.

    Thank you,
    Mrs. Rose TIBI

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