Zynga Acquired Draw Something Maker OMGPOP

Woot! It looks like Zynga, the maker of virtual farms, already acquired OMGPOP, the company behind the smash game Draw Something. One thing’s for sure though. At least Zynga may not need to make a clone of Draw Something. What else?

Zynga bought OMGPOP for $180 million. Draw Something has been around for just 6 weeks or so (as of this writing) of existence. It now has 35 million downloads and 1 billion drawings. If the deal between Zynga and OMGPOP fell off, you know what’s gonna happen? As Techcrunch puts it, Z’s may be going to make Draw With Friends. Lol.

Meanwhile, in OMG’s forums, the announcement post has around 3 pages of forum comments as of this writing. Most congratulated the team for their hard work. Others show concerns. Some hate Zynga. Things will be good though. But that’s as long as OMGPOP remains the way it is and just become better now that they join Mr. Pincus’ virtual empire.

Are you guys part of OMGPop’s community? If so, what do you feel about Zynga’s acquisition of the company? Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

Posterous Joins Twitter – Should That Make You Worry?

First, it was just a simple news at Mashable. Posterous Joins the Flock at Twitter. Even WordPress was excited about everything for the Posterous team and its founder, Sachin. They even made a news out of it. When a very good brand gets acquired by another very good brand, is there a reason to worry?

Probably not.

In Posterous’ acquisition FAQs, they said the Spaces will continue to be up and running. That means even with all these hoola with Twitter, the Posterous brand will continue to exist.

But probably there is a reason to worry too.

In the same FAQs, they mentioned about giving ample notice to their users should ever the service is shutting down. Further hint includes their statement about giving instructions to backup the Spaces of the users. Does that mean that they are shutting down?

The Steady Growth of Posterous and the Meteoric Rise of Twitter

Posterous has established itself not just as an alternative blogging platform but the platform to let you cross post anywhere and blog using your email. It’s their differentiating factor. Sachin Agirwal made fantastic improvements to the service. However, while everything seems fine, its growth somewhat just steadied, unlike Tumblr’s meteoric rise in the last few years. At this point in time, Posterous has 10 million active users. Tumblr has 110 million.

Twitter has 500 million users. And 1 billion tweets every 3 days.

It’s 12:50. Happy 6th Birthday @Twitter. From 1 tweet to over 1 billion every 3 days. I’m so proud of our users and our team.

— Jack Dorsey (@jack) March 21, 2012

We have seen Twitter’s rise. I was not even active myself until I realize its power to drive traffic, more so to drive real-time conversations. Social conversations. Perhaps its most powerful attraction is its 140 characters-limit. You have to limit your Tweets to just 140 characters. It’s what differentiates the brand from the likes of WordPress, Facebook, and perhaps Tumblr. Because on Twitter, you always have to be direct to the point. No idiomatic phrases. No Jumping boards. Just a direct to the point approach.

Twitter and Posterous

I have been very fond of Plurk, but Twitter has its charms that can affect millions of people every minute. With Posterous joining them, or should I say, with Twitter acquiring Posterous, so many things can change. The Posterous team has been very good. I do hope that Sachin and everyone will not let the service die. He has been proud of his creation since the day he left Apple. It will surely be a sad news on the day the blog platform that lets me blog via my Hotmail account will cease.

What do you think can the Posterous team bring to Twitter? Will Twitter finally go beyond the 140 character limit? Let me know your thoughts.

What Have I Been Doing

Seriously this post is just about me.

What have I been up to? First… Work. I’ve realize it’s a lot enjoyable than my previous one. Heck. I am liking the way I am growing in the company right. But enough of that. I don’t want to chit chat with anything related to work right now. But just so you know, I’ve been doing good.

I am managing a personal Nintendo 3DS blog which is only focused with Japanese 3DS games. Now you might say, “Why?” or “I thought you don’t understand Japanese?” The truth is, yeah, there is always a language barrier. That’s why I’ve set a number of alerts that will alert me every time a Japanese-relates Nintendo 3DS news, be it about their games, or Japanese companies in particular, get published in the Internet.

It is always not easy. This means that the majority of English-speaking gamers will not bother to leave my blog before 5 seconds are up. Nevertheless, it was a niche to explore. Who knows, I might go to Japan one day, or learn their elusive language. When that time comes, I guess I will never worry about where look for content anymore.

Another thing, I’ve set up a Japanese video game blog. It was a blog intended to just speak for people who are into Japanese games. And guess what happened… It was deleted. It was guilt on my part. But at least I’ve learned my lessons. One, never mess with the TOS agreement. Two, I found out I can write well.

When I say writing well, I don’t mean writing in a scholarly way. But rather in a way that will make people understand or at least make them nod in agreement.

What I’ve been thinking all this time is that, why am I getting more comments and followers in WordPress with less traffic, while in my Bloggger blog, I have more traffic with little conversations. I know what’s lacking there. But I won’t say.

Another thing I’ve learned is that I now have hands-on case studies to site as examples for future references in this blog. Why you ask?

Perhaps, I’ll start posting the things that I’ve been reading about more – Social Media, We 2.0, Google, Facebook, Nintendo, the Hunger Games, and so on. Simply put, the Geeky stuff. I hope there will be results though.

Grammy Falls In Love With Adele / List of Grammy 2012 Winners

Adele won 6 Grammy Awards tonight. She is now tied with Beyonce for most awards won by a female artist in a single night. Continue reading Grammy Falls In Love With Adele / List of Grammy 2012 Winners

Whitney Houston – One of Pop Music’s Finest Voices

Whitney Houston   -   Concert in Central Park ...

Whitney Houston, singer, actress, and probably one of pop music’s finest voices died today. She was 48.

Sometime later, it will be the Grammy Awards, and she will be honored there. Whitney is a winner of 6 Grammy awards.

Here’s a video of Kim Burell with Whitney Houston last year. You’ve said she lost her voice? Maybe, but I don’t hear her losing her power in the performance below:

What is your favorite Whitney Houston song?

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